About Us

The Right Business, Right Here for You

First conceived in 2012, Right Business is a dynamic and fast-growing company that has your interests at heart all times and will deliver an expert service, that is suited to you and will help you to find the buyer you want. We know what our customers want and what it takes to satisfy their needs and we deliver that, every single time.

Over the 5 years we have been established, we have helped thousands of buyers and sellers realize their dreams and this is reflected in both the repeat business we generate and from the huge amount of positive feedback we receive from our ever-growing customer base.

But we aren’t just sitting back and leaving our success to chance. We are constantly driving forward, improving the way we work and refining what we offer, so that we can continue to provide an even better service to the people and businesses we serve.

Whether you are a commercial estate agent or a private seller, the world wants to know what you have on offer, and our goal is to be able to provide you with the very best chance to sell your business online, for a price that is fair and reflects the hard work you have done to make it what it is.